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My Cancer Cure Story

Pancreatic Cancer. Heart Disease. 2 Widow Makers. Aorta Rupture. Diabetes. Obesity.


It Took Me A Lifetime...

Medical, Nursing and All Schools... DO NOT and WILL NOT TEACH medical professionals HOW TO CURE ANYTHING...ONLY TO TREAT Disease with Surgery and Drugs with endless side effects that mask endless issues well enough to keep you on them forever and coming back for more in an ENDLESS DEATH SPIRAL. Strange there have been endless natural cures for most anything mankind can get for hundreds of years until the internet we heard little about them. GREED....If you cure people they are one time customers, better to treat them, have them COMING BACK FOR MORE FOREVER and getting hundreds if not thousands of dollars out of them each month for 20, 30, 40 years.

The whole medical system, drug companies, insurance companies, and most importantly OUR POLITICIANS GET VERY RICH while WE SUFFER GO BROKE AND DIE. In addition, the ridiculous cost of medical care, prescription drugs, and outlandish lavish hospital buildings that rob us all yet our average lifespan keeps dropping year after year. Like idiots WE SAY "WHO CARES THE GOVERNMENT PAYS FOR IT" Supposedly we are the government...NO, We are all slaves.

Our Food & Our Water is Polluted.

  • Food

    is Simple, engineering our fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, fish and dairy products to grow faster, bigger, cheaper to refine and process them with fillers, sugars fake & real, oils to make them last forever and taste good so we eat more, get hooked on them with no real concern for nutritional value and we get fat to boot. Our terrible diets feed our crazy Medical Industry.

  • Water

    is hard to believe just how bad most of the water is. Almost all municipal water systems add chlorine and fluoride, to our water which is a slow way to endless health issues not to mention the endless legal and illegal drugs that end up in it as well. Oh, I almost forgot the lead in city water, no kids got lead poisoning from eating lead paint chips, wrong they were getting lead poisoning from the old lead water pipes feeding older neighborhoods. So buy bottled water, many come from municipal water systems bottled in plastic which over time and in hot weather leaches into the water, not great either. Most rural private wells are better but not always and are rarely checked for contaminants or heavy metals. All you get is Safe To Drink, whatever that means. You may a Water filtering Iodizing Machine. Great Results!

I Learned By Trial and ErrorTo Limit or Stay Away From:

  • Diet Drinks

    Renamed Sugar Free! That includes ALL fake sugars & sweeteners. I have been able to trace my health issues back to these, not to mention becoming very obese. 6 foot tall and 208 Grade School Graduation, 225 High School Graduation, 235 Leaving College, within a few years working a physical job 265, moved to a desk job 305, age 56 1st heart attack, 58 aorta rupture, 66 2nd heart attack, 2017 1st pancreatic attack, 2018 2nd pancreatic attack, 2019 3rd pancreatic attack and PANCREATIC CANCER with DIABETES. As you can see I was not a fast learner. Almost anything is better than Diet or Sugar Free or Fat Free food, desserts or drinks, even beer. Maybe I should have drank more beer and less soda. This one is as close to NEVER as things get.

  • Processed Foods, Meats, Cereals

    Especially colored and sugar coated cereal etc, have way too many fake or artificial fillers, additives, colors, flavors, smells, preservatives, salts, sugars etc. Limiting this has also been a big factor in losing 85 lbs. without really trying

  • Microwave Use

    Limit your use of Microwave ovens, the radiation kills many of the nutrients in your already processed food. No, Teflon and stick free coatings on cookware are not great either, cast iron steel pots and pans are great, not terrible to clean, air fryers, crock pots or pressure cookers that are not stick free and toaster ovens are better choices.

  • Anti-perspirants with Aluminum

    Anti-perspirants with aluminum and some after shave lotions and perfume ,as many have lots of coloring, dies, smells that can leach through your skin over time get to you. Plastic glasses, plates, cookware, and storage containers are not good long term either.

Foods & DrinksThat Help Keep Your Body in Balance

  • Fresh Produce

    Preferably home grown, farmers market, Organic although hard to prove and then store bought, do your best to wash off all the pesticides that may have been put on them. In theory most have a numbering labeling system that tells you if they are organic, natural or genetically modified.

  • Limit Dairy

    Limit dairy, milk, cheese, ice cream etc as it tends to give inflammation which leads to many other issues including high blood pressure, stiff joints, heart issues. Can you see the veins in your feet after standing? You should.

  • Limit Carbs

    Limit carbs as they all turn to sugar which acidic that leads to most things bad over the years. Bread, Noodles, Rice, Bakery, Potatoes, Juices, Drinks, Energy Drinks, Candies, Dips, Sauces, Dressings and most Snacks which are all over processed. That does not mean never just not the whole bag of chips, nachos, cookies, donuts, brownies, you got it. Instead eat fruit for the Treat of your meal. Better to not mix fruits as their benefits can change when you mix them. Wait an hour or so before you switch to an-other type. Cherries, Apples, Oranges, Lemons, Limes, Bananas, Plums, Dates, Strawberries, Raspber-ries, Blueberries, Kiwi, Plumbs, Prunes, Peaches, Grapes, Cranberries, Watermelon, Cantaloupe.

  • Meat

    Meats, Poultry, Fish, Eggs lean toward local farm raised, organic and non processed, grocery stores but read the labels. They all give you protein and iron. Fish and seafood you need to watch mercu-ry levels on.

  • Herbs & Spices That Helped

    Lots of fresh Garlic, Ginger, Red Onions, Cinnamon, Honey, Real Vanilla, Cloves, Turmeric, Cumin, Curry, Black Pepper, Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme, Sage, Bay Leaves, Pink Sea Salt or at least salt with iodine which is hard to find lease days. Onions, Cucumbers, Peppers, Hot Peppers, Mushrooms, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, Broccoli, Beans of all kinds, Celery, Beets, Peas, Asparagus and endless more I hope to discover and try, monitor and see.

What I Did 21/2 Years to BEAT Pancreatic Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease & More! Simple, Fast, Easy, Cheap, Does Not Hurt, "Side-Effects" You Live

I will start with a brief history of where my 6 year journey has taken me to get this far and will follow it up with some attachments I have written as notes as I journeyed through this nightmare to become free and clean and feeling better than I have in at least 25 years.

I want to thank all the doctors, nurses, radiologists, pharmacists, all the medical support people including the cleaning people as most all know some parts to the puzzle and many knew they were putting their lives and job in jeopardy even talking about some of what is to follow, family, friends, friends, customers, employee's and everyone that helped me and either supported or did not try to stop my craziness in my need for all the pieces, I swear someone from above is looking after me, Thanks. Not to forget the mass majority that said I was crazy, it’s not possible, don't waste your time, just get your life in order, take it like a man, believe the experts, they know what they are doing...they sure do...making the maximum money and on and on.

Lost 85-95 lbs! Got off ALL Perscription Drugs NATURALLY and OFFICIALLY! Here's What Worked For Me


PH, what do you know about PH in swimming pools? Farming? Gardening? Animals...LITTLE, Why? So what would make you think humans don't need a balanced PH? This has been know for hundreds of years. So why is it almost never checked? I asked, I begged, I got close to having my one doctor to do a blood PH test but in the end they would not do it. Why? They know. I have not yet done it but you can buy a blood PH tester for about $1000. Litmus test strips for ten dollars. So in Medical cost, pocket change.

Why I think my PH went bad and ended up with Heart Problems, Diabetes, Cancer, Obesity and a few other things?mber one, I drank endless amounts of sugar soda from about the time I entered college until I had my first real job. Being less active I started getting fat after being very athletic into my 20’s. I changed to diet soda, now called “Sugar Free” new name, got to love it. When I did the math on 8 or more 16 ounce bottle of soda I came up with 200 calories per bottle time 10 or 2000 calories a DAY!, 60,000 a MONTH! There are about 3500 calories in a pound so I figured if I went to diet soda, or 0 calories I would lose 60,000/3500 equals a loss of 17 pounds a month. That did not happen, instead I gained more weight. Made no since. So then I doubled down and started drinking more coffee with fake sugar, never gave it a thought then. Tried endless diets, exercise and went up and down like a yoyo. Soda is by far the most acidic thing you can drink. Sugars, Carbs and processed foods are next. Your kidneys balance your body PH. Over the years with our terrible diets, fast and processed foods you do not give your body what it needs to keep it in balance and it starts robbing calcium and other minerals out of you body and bones to keep you at 7.35-7.45 and at some point there is just not enough and you PH goes to shit and everything in your body starts falling apart and just about everything out there is far game to get you. Just like the swimming pool that turns yucky and green. Just add a handful of chemicals to balance the water PH and it disperses in minutes. Where did it go, it did not sink to the bottom, you did not skim it off, WHERE DID IT GO? Gone.

Health Issues

Hit me first with a Heart Attack at 56, widow maker vein/artery. Why? When your PH goes to shit your blood cells start clinging together and leaving deposit on your veins/arteries. They get hard and restricted and you blood pressure starts going up and the rest is history. I was lucky, only 40% live through that one. Next came an aorta rupture at 58, thought it was kidney stones. Like the lower radi-ator hose on a old chevy, when that goes you get about 100 feet before it over, been there too. Odds of living through that one are even worse. I cleaned up my eating habits a little started exercising a little more, things were going ok and when I was about 66 along came my second Heart Attack. Same place, same reason. It took him forever to re-stint my stint from my first heart attack. Got to watch the whole thing. Doctor was cussing and swearing but he got it done. The next thing that came along was by first pancreatic attack 2017, 67. I thought it was another heart attack, pain was 3 times as bad. Three days in the hospital, it went away and I went home. Cause, they had no clue, they called me a closet alcoholic. Same time a year later 2018, the second attack, same reason. Same time a year later 2019, the third time, this time they found a tumor on my pancreas, but to small to biopsy per medical standards. Fortu-nately I knew a few nurses that pushed the issue and they did a biopsy. Before the tests came back the doctor called and said that it did not look like cancer. I was happy, next day he called, I got the results back, I was wrong, you have Pancreatic Cancer. Only took 3 years and $186,000 to find that out. So now what?

More on PH


called and I meet with the cancer and surgeon doctors at all the 3 Hospitals where I live. One said he wouldn’t operate on me until I had my Diabetes under control. I new I was a little high but not ready for insulin shots so I thought, what did I know, I just did what I was told to do. Trust the experts. So I meet with a Diabetic consular and learned how to test and give myself shots. Great. After much though and deliberation decided to go with one of the three hospitals as all the treatment plans were the basically the same. 12 rounds of triple Chemo, 2 in the hospital and one you took home a slept with for a night every 2 weeks. Then wait a couple of weeks and do 28 rounds of radiation 5 days a week, off on weekends be-cause they do not work weekends, I guess cancer takes weekends off too. Blood tests were done about every 2 weeks so I got very good at reading them, understanding them and learning what would make them go up or down and was able to keep them in range naturally so I could continue the treatments. Cancer scans were done about every 6 weeks. Learned how to read them as well, not rocket science. Next about 4 weeks after the radiation treatments were over they did a complete body scan to see if my cancer had spread all over my body as is common. They could no find any, anywhere, not even the dead tumor. I had learned about the PH think after about my 3rd Chemo treatment and had gotten it back in range by the 6th treatment. At that point I when of all prescription drugs, 4 blood pressure pills, Plavix, Cialis, Insulin, Creon and all natural things I was doing. A few weeks later all the blood test came back perfect without drugs. Now the big question, do I go ahead and finish the rest of the treatment plan. Hack out 35 to 40% of my pancreas and likely be back on Insulin & Creon for the rest of my life. Again I listed to the experts as there are no DO OVERS with cancer. So I agreed to go ahead with the surgery. With what I know now I would have never have done it. Was not needed. About that time the reaction to the radiation treatments kicked in as I was told they would do about 2 weeks after they ended. I covered what happened next earlier in my story. So that explains the PH connection to cancer and in part the connection to heart problems and diabetes. Next is how and why I ended up being diabetic.


I believe came from my heavy use of fake sugars. When you use fake sugar your body is tricked into thinking you just ate a shit house full of sugar. It sends out lots of insulin which goes to your cells where it is rejected because it dose not need it, you did not eat sugar, you ate acid which kills you PH as well. So you end up insulin resistance. About that simple like most things in life. I have to believe they know all this.

This Worked For MeWhat I Got:

  • Spiral Notebook + Pen

    Less than $1 almost anywhere. Start a Log. Write your name, phone number and start date on the cover and in Big Bold Letters..."I CAN DO THIS!" On the first page, the first line, write the date...

    Example of how to Log: 08/19/22/Friday, PH (Acidic or Alkaline) 6.6, BP (Blood Pressure) 77/168, BS (Blood Sugar) 285, Wt. (Weight) 265, BPM (Breaths Per Minute) 12-18, P (Pulse) 60-75

    Note: If you have lung or other issues you may want to record pulse, oxygenation, breaths per mi-nute or anything else you want to monitor and change. Do this everyday at the same time so that the numbers are as comparable as possible. In short order you will be able to tell what and how much you need to take and how your diet affects all those numbers.
  • Scale and PH Litmus Test Strips

    Most anywhere from resale shops for a buck to fancy ones for hundreds. Accuracy and number does not matter, all that matters is are the numbers going up or down.

    Buy Test strips that test PH from about 5.6 to 9. Can be hard to find. Few pharmacy's have them, most Health stores have them. I get On-Line from Amazon, about $10.

  • Potassium Bicarbonate

    Capsules or powder. Only place I have found this is at Amazon, about $25. Teaspoon of Baking Soda in wa-ter works also but it can raise your likely, already high blood pressure. Change of diet and weight helps but likely not fast enough to save you.

  • Blood Pressure Cuff, Blood Sugar Tester/Strips & Lancer

    Blood pressure cuffs are about $15 - $45 online or at Walmart.

    Blood Sugar Tester, Test Strips and Lancer: Tester about $15, Test Strips $10, online, Walmart or if you already have cancer there is a good chance you are also diabetic and already have this.

Then What I Did

  1. Blood Tests (Sometimes)

    If you are already getting treated you likely are getting blood and urine tests on a regular basis, get to understand those numbers, Google the ones that are high or low, and work to correct them. If not there are very affordable places to have it tested. About 5% of what the hospital charges, maybe less.

  2. Check your body PH

    This tells you if your body has become Acidic (less than 7) or Alkaline (more than 7) like it should be. Your Saliva PH should be between 7.35-7.45 first thing in the morning before you have eaten or drank anything recently as that will affect your reading. Your Urine PH should be between 6.6-7.2. Much like swimming pools they need to stay Alkaline (7-7.6) as well or they turn all green and yucky. Well the same thing happens to your body when it goes Acidic (less than 7) it gets yucky and you slowly die as your cells reverse their charge blood cells start clinging together and your body has trouble healing itself. I understand if it gets above 8 you will get headaches, I did, and if it drops below 5.9, 5.8 your dead, have not tested that yet.

  3. Check your BLOOD PRESSURE

    This will tell you how good or bad your veins are. What's important is the spread, the difference between the high and low numbers. 120 over 80 is a spread of 40. As the spread gets bigger it means your veins are getting hard from deposits on them which means your heart has to work that much harder to get you the blood flow and oxygen that you need. Veins get hard when your body PH becomes acidic. When your spread gets past 60 you are headed for trouble. Blood pressure pills will fake your body to produce better numbers at the expense of not providing enough oxygen and you become tired and lazy, then fat and going down hill

  4. Check your BLOOD SUGAR

    This will tell you how well your body is processing sugar with insulin produced by your pancreas. If you're past 150 after fasting or A1C of 6..3 it is also a sign that your PH is alkaline. Diabetes is likely as bad or worse than cancer over time. Most of the people I talk to that have cancer are also diabetic.

  5. Check your WEIGHT

    This can vary greatly in just a day, the foods you eat can greatly affect the amount of water your body retains which creates pressure on your veins, heart, brain and more pushing blood pressure up, stiff joints and many other things. When I was going through my 12 rounds of triple chemo for pancreatic cancer I would lose upto 14 lbs. in a day! Crazy. The steroids that come along with chemo also blew by blood sugar through the roof. I could tell when my eyes got fuzzy my blood pressure was high or my blood sugar was high or both.

    Once you get your PH diet right...

    The weight will start coming off, your energy will improve and you will start going back up the hill and feeling much younger.

  6. Check your BREATHS PER MINUTE

    This will tell you what kind of shape your lungs are in. It should be between 12 and 18 per minute at rest. Higher than that means your lungs are not absorbing oxygen like they should. There are natural herb mixes that can help this. Stop smoking helps also.

  7. Check your Pulse at Rest

    This will tell you how hard your heart has to work to feed your body. Weight loss and minimum exercise will bring this down. After my 1st heart attack one very smart doctor told me to walk as bristly as I could non stop everyday for 15 minutes. I was blown away by the difference it made in my endurance, tiredness and energy level. I started walking in the morning at the malls and a much older lady passed me in a walker. I did not go back to the mall until I could keep up with her. I was 56. Needless to say after about 2 years I stopped doing that and I went downhill from there again.

How Did I Get My PH RightThis Is Everything

Measure your PH everyday same time, Record.

Record so you can see if you need or are taking enough Potassium Bicarbonate to get your saliva above 7 to 7.35-7.45, urine above 6.6-7.2.....Start taking 2 capsules or powder (about a teaspoon) 3 times a day mixed with a glass of water and drink it. Check the next day and adjust up or down til you get it to 7.35-7.45. I have learned better after you eat or mixed with a glass of water, capsules I just open and pour in. On an empty stomach you may feel queasy for a few minutes, not a big deal, in days you will start feeling so much better.

Once you get it there it is not hard to keep it there and with a reasonable diet you can likely stop taking them. Your kidneys control your PH levels but only if they have what they need to do it, otherwise they steal it from your bones or wherever they can find it. With cancer, heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure days count so take it seriously. I did not take it seriously until they told me 4-6 week and chemo would not likely work on pancreatic cancer or brain cancer and they were correct. After 2 rounds of triple chemo my tumor doubled in size. That's when I realized I had 2 choices, go to the Bahamas and drink till it was over or find another way. Fortunately I was told to go to the Health Hut and get some herbs, spices and oils to combat the blood numbers that were being de-stroyed by the chemo. A retired chiropractor told me to test by PH, had no clue but bought the test strip and I was at 6.4, not good.

How Did I Get My Blood Pressure & Blood SugarRight

After my 2nd every other week of round of triple chemo my tumor doubled in size, I stumbled on body PH. I got the test strips and was 6.4, not good. Started pounding baking soda, it worked but was not good for my already bad blood pressure. Somehow I stumbled on Potassium Bicarbonate, normally a prescription drug but found that Amazon sold it. I bought it and started using that and just a little baking soda, it worked, stopping the baking soda other than a box of baking soda in a warm tub a few times a week. I only had weeks to get it corrected or by all accounts I was DEAD. After about the 6th round of chemo they did a scan on my cancer and could not find it, not dead, not shrunk, not dormant but gone. I can now read scans also, not hard. Everyone told me you have to believe the professionals and experts. Well if you know any professionals, politicians, clergy, big pharma, or big business people that have our best interest at heart let me know, I would like to meet one before I die. I did not know then what I know now and continued with the rest of 12 rounds of chemo, 28 radiation treatments. Then we did a full body scan to see if my cancer was gone or chased somewhere else. None to be found any-where. At this point I was off all prescription drugs and all blood tests and cancer tests were excellent.

Then it hit me,

I was told that about two weeks after all the radiation I would be on my ass dead to the world, they were correct. They checked me into the cancer unit overnight to keep an eye on me. While I was waiting to go to my room I sat next to a lady that started to talk to me about her pancreatic cancer. Nobody talks in those waiting rooms. She said her 70 birthday was in February, I said may 70 birthday was in April. She told me "I know I am going to die but I don't want to die" I will never forget. She told me all her numbers which I understood completely and not good. I had started to explain to her what I had done to beat mine. Before I could finish she was called away to her appointment. Shortly thereafter I was admitted to my room and put on intravenous. It could not have been 15 minutes when two business looking women walked into my room and said in no uncertain words "If you talk like that in our waiting room again we will throw you out of here" and left. That's when I knew I had figured it out. Corruption city.

So I had the surgery After 4 days I said get me out of here, I can hurt at home. So they did.

As promised I was back on Insulin, Blood Pressure was up again, may have needed Creon but never pushed it. I knew that long term diabetes can be worse than cancer. So I started cutting back my insulin to see if my pancreas could keep up, it got close as did my blood pressure but I wanted to get off of 4 blood pressure pills, Plavix, Insulin and cialais as none are good for you ever. Fortunately I kept looking how to solve these remaining issues when I ran across a mix that worked. Which was, 3 fresh cloves of garlic, tablespoon of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of honey and tablespoon of fresh ginger in a glass of water and I blended it like a drink. Once a day for about 6 week and I took myself off all drugs. I backed down to every other day and now once or twice a week. I still check all my numbers weekly or as I think I need to. I have since added a pinch of cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, cumin, curry, real vanilla and zinc. Life is great, I feel 25 years younger and everything is working.

Wellness Exam June 27, 2022 my final appointment with my general practitioner who is retiring and has been excellent. He did not try to stop me from my craziness. After I told him that I was off ALL prescription drugs for at least the last six months he ordered endless blood tests and a complete urinalysis. The number blew him away. He had never seen it done before.

See The PROOF!

It's as simple as getting your PH, PH, PH, PH Correct Fast!

I Have Learned So Much from everyone and continue to search, look and learn. I have explained my story, many listened, some tried it, some took me seriously and are clean, healthy and living and many have passed. I have learned much from those that have done it with similar results to me. Thanks for all the feedback. I hope it helps some people and keeps them from having to not go through all that I had to. Feel free to contact me phone, text, email or mail.

Tell Me Your Story- I’d Love to Hear From You!